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Attention Speech Therapists and Special Education Coordinators:

Janet Bennett

Author, Janet M. Bennett, M.Ed.

The IJustWantTo® Correct My Tongue Thrust program is a tool for you, the Speech Therapist, to increase communication with parents and to help your students progress more quickly. It is designed to provide you with everything that is needed, from evaluation to discharge, to treat a tongue thrust with confidence.

Not all tongue thrusters have a lisp and not all who have a lisp swallow incorrectly. You may be limited to treat only those students who have misarticulations that are developmentally inappropriate. If that is the case, the entire tongue thrust program is still essential to eliminating the lisp. The exercises are oral motor exercises that will train the tongue to “live” on the roof of the mouth, encouraging nasal breathing and correct swallowing. Treatment for a misarticulated /S/ without the oral motor training is usually not successful and may keep a student in speech therapy for years.

Whether you are treating the tongue thrust and lisp or just the lisp, your student will progress much faster if he/she performs daily oral motor exercises. It is difficult for the parents to know what to do to help their child since they are not present for therapy. The IJustWantTo Correct My Tongue Thrust program is a tool for you to increase communication with parents and to help your students progress more quickly.

When your student advances to a new lesson, you will be able to email that lesson to the parents. The parents will be able to access a video online that will show them how to perform each exercise. It will be fun for the family to be involved in the daily exercises. Progress will occur faster, allowing you to treat more students.

Obviously, your parents will need to be able to access email and high speed internet. Dial-up users may have trouble downloading the videos. If the parents do not have access to email, you can copy the lesson and send it home for them to read.

This is a 7-week program. Some students will not be able to advance to the next lesson weekly. It will depend on how diligently they practiced their exercises. You may choose to have a student perform each lesson for two weeks.

When you purchase a Site License, you will receive:
Cure Tongue Thrust A Special Guide to increase your knowledge by taking advantage of ten years of experience in the treatment of tongue thrust. You will receive information about orthodontist involvement, retainers, tonsils and allergies, and a variety of case studies that will help you make decisions about unique circumstances.
Cure Tongue Thrust An Introductory Letter for Parents is available for you to send when therapy is initiated so they will involve the process and their involvement in their child’s progress in speech therapy.
Cure Tongue Thrust A Sample Evaluation report with IEP goals and objectives.
Cure Tongue Thrust A file that will contain the seven tongue thrust lessons that can be printed out and/or emailed to the parents, one at a time.
Cure Tongue Thrust A file that will contain the Speech Therapist’s copy of the seven tongue thrust lessons with special instructions to help you guide your student through this program, such as: questions to ask your student throughout the program, how to tell if your student is really doing the exercises, clinical signs of improvement, when to move on to the next lesson and when to repeat the lesson, etc.
Cure Tongue Thrust Access to videos online that will show parents how to perform each exercise.
Cure Tongue Thrust Unlimited use by every therapist at a school system or practice and unlimited copies of the lessons for your school or practice.

What makes the IJustWantTo® Correct My Tongue Thrust program different from other programs?

The Tongue Stick™

A major reason people are unable to keep their teeth closed is because their tongue is too wide for their mouth. Go to the mirror and stick out your tongue. Do you see small indentations on the sides of your tongue? This is a sign that it is crowded in your mouth.

One of the major exercises with this program involves stroking the sides of your tongue to stimulate and tighten the muscles, which can result in a skinnier tongue.

The Tongue Stick™ was specifically designed to perform two of these special exercises. It ensures that you are stroking the targeted tongue muscles.

Five Tongue Sticks™ and five "Remember" bracelets come with the site licensed version available only to you, a therapist. Extra sticks and bracelets may be ordered in bulk packages.


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